THCC erhält großzügige Spende

THCC receives wonderful donation of cricket equipment

Winston Churchill said that “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Sure, he wasn’t a big fan of cricket, but he would have been impressed by the incredible act of generosity that resulted in THCC receiving two large bags of cricket equipment all the way from Perth, Australia.

The person behind this is Andrea Beck, from Wedel and living in Perth since 1995, and until now, with little knowledge of cricket. She read the article on THCC in the Spiegel and had the idea to gather donations of equipment and bring it all with her on her next visit to Hamburg.

What started as a tentative shout-out to friends and acquaintances for an old bat or a pair of used gloves brought out some amazing generosity, with all manner of people dropping stuff at Andrea’s door. A sports shop in Claremont even offered sizeable discounts on gloves, bats and protectors.

“I was getting stuff and learning about cricket at the same time,” Andrea said. “Someone even donated the Shane Warne book. One of my friends, Fran Logan, who is the local Member of Parliament for Cockburn, donated Au$250.00, while my neighbour Gordon Webster, who played cricket in Melbourne, forwarded my request to his contacts and this resulted in the WACA getting involved. There’s a lot more we can still do, maybe even with getting a high profile former player to come over and run some training sessions.”

On May 27, Andrea was a very special guest at THCC training, arriving just before the start of a T20 intra-club match. The 26 players (from seven different countries) couldn’t quite believe what was happening. The two bags were full to the brim, with bats, pads, gloves, balls, hats, pants, protectors, and even an MCC cricket jumper.

THCC Cricket Hamburg erhält Spende

THCC can’t thank Andrea enough for this wonderful act of generosity. Thank you also to all those involved. This donation means so much to the club and the players.