THCC Ladies

Damen-Bundesliga: THCC-CICC

New talents season the season

Reinforced by three new talents THCC Ladies started their 2015 cricket season with two home games against Cologne ICC. Tina top-scored unbeaten only few runs away from a century, knocking off more than 20 boundaries, and took three wickets! Verena and Nadja both carried their bats over a complete innings of 20 overs, Verena also kept the wicket tidy. If these ladies manage to find other gifted girls, their spicy team will certainly season. Dilani captained her flock without fault. Stalwart Charlotte had to be retired in the second match to give other ladies a chance to bat. Avni fought not only with the opposition, but also with an injury. And without Galini THCC would not have fielded a proper team. Give them your support and send them more talented ladies!

First T20
CICC 189/2 after 20 overs
THCC 163/2 after 20 overs

Second T20
CICC 189/3 after 20 overs
THCC 118/5 after 20 overs