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THCC Richardson’s Reserves 162/7 158/8 Crawford’s Commandos
28th Jun 2014
THCC, Hemmingstedter Weg 140

THCC play international match against London Schlager movers
Crawford’s Commandos London 158/8 (off 30 overs: Steve S. 65*, Jyoth 25, Alex 12, Vantastic 12, Darren 12, Shane 5-0-14-2) cave in to THCC Rot-Gelb Hamburg Richardson’s Reserves 162/7 (off 27.2 overs: Noman 43, Liam 31, Ali 23, Steve 14, Mark B. 13, Surya 12, Nabeel 10, Jyothy 6-0-25-2)

THCC Richardson’s Reserves: Cam (capt.), Ali, George (mentioned as “Judge” in the scorecard), Liam (wkt.), Mark B., Moritz, Nabeel, Noman, Shane, Steve, Surya and Björn;
Crawford’s Commandos: Chris A. (capt), Alex, Darren, John P., Phil P., Steve S., Tim D and Vantastic (presumably John V.), reinforced by Ather, Jyothy and Safiullah

Hamburg 28.6.2013, Report by Max Minor, THCC cricket correspondent

The enquiry from London had come in early January: Could Crawford’s Commandos play a couple of cricket matches against THCC? Chris, their manger, had explained his team was “made up of a mix of abilities and ages from mid-twenties to mid-forties but all who love a good game and a bit of fun along the way”. He had also mentioned he had witnessed the Schlagermove in Hamburg a couple of years ago, “everyone was in 70’s gear and singing and drinking in a really great spirit”, and this was what his “lads” would like to combine with a sporting challenge. Now what do you make of that? There is always a slight risk involved in inviting strangers. And try as he might, Mark could find little reliable credentials of the Commandos. On the other hand, an international match was just what was needed to put some icing on the season. Hence it was agreed the games should take place at the end of June.

So what should one expect of a bunch of players who, after having obtained “clearance” from their wives (well, not all of them, only eight turned up), fly into Fuhlsbüttel on Friday, stay in an hotel on the Reeperbahn and intend to party all night? Surprise, surprise, the lads did turn up as agreed and were in extremely good spirits. Yes, one or two of them suffered from dehydration, but were able to refuel at the bar on time. Were the guests impressed by things going on in the field? This has not been verified so far. But it can be confirmed that altogether 13 THCC ladies practiced their bowling skills against Ather, Noman and Safiullah under the eyes of Aswin, their coach, whilst a solid pitch preparation crew directed by Cam and Steve manned the roller and marked the creases. This had been impossible on the previous evening THCC Rot-Gelb Hamburg is supported by because of persistent rain. But as soon as the visitors appeared, the sky turned blue and the sun came out – great conditions for playing cricket. Captains Cam and Chris, incidentally both from Perth, tossed a coin and, reinforced by three THCC players, the Commandos went out to bat.

It must be said that the visitors did not only live up to the hosts vague expectations, they exceeded them by far. True to their manager’s announcement they all loved the game and a bit of fun as well. Steve S. their star batsman scored 65 runs (including 13
boundaries) and did not lose his wicket. All other London batsmen contributed, whilst wickets kept falling at regular intervals. With a flashy cameo appearance by Jyothy (25) the Commandos reached a competitive total of 158/8 on the damp ground. The best bowling figures were those of new THCC-member Shane, a blue blooded chinaman from South-Africa, namely 2-14. Surya, Nabeel,
guest-player Björn and captain Cam also claimed a wicket each, Liam behind the stumps and Cam also took a catch each. And then it was lunch – a hearty and not dry barbecue on the club-house terrace, procured by the devil’s cook, Frank S.

Openers Ali and Moritz gave the THCC Richardson’s Reserves a solid start before Noman and Liam put on 55 runs. The Commandos’ own thirsty bowlers were searching for their lines and found it particularly difficult to bowl into Noman’s land. Support was at hand: Both top-scoring batsmen were removed by Jyothy. After 25 overs, when Mark B.’s spirited knock came to an end, the Reserves were 128 for 6, meaning 5 overs to go, 30 runs to win. Would the lower THCC order hold? Surya dealt
in boundaries only, but alas, the former German international was caught behind off Safiullah. Now the London keeper reminded his team to start thinking! How could they get the remaining wickets? The field was adjusted and the bowling was left
to the sober reinforcements. Steve was still at the crease, however, not on strike. Shane walked out and was im- mediately exposed by the opposition as a tail-ender. But he would not be scared; gritting his teeth when the scores were level, he hit the winning runs in style with a boundary into the covers.

After the match all players resumed to the terrace to celebrate their match. The Commandos bought more beverages than anyone present was able to consume. And every participant knew instantly that an international match between these two teams was just
how a Saturday should be spent. Rumours have it that Commandos and Reserves may meet again. And even if there will be no rain, it will not be a dry reunion. With the impression that they had offered what had been asked for, Cam and his team released the guests towards the Schlagermove. Whether that event was as much fun as the cricket match, however, shall be left open to debate.

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