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THCC 209/6 207/5 Swansea Law Society Cricket team
7th Sep 2014
THCC, Hemmingstedter Weg 140

THCC assert their claims against Swansea Law Society cricketers

Swansea Law Society 207/5 (off 30 overs: T. Clayton 61*, D Owen 40*, N. O’Neill 29, N. Packer 24, T. Rees 13, Cam 5-1-11-1, Jürgen 2-0-11-1) withdraw their claims against THCC Rot-Gelb Hamburg Lawless Society 209/6 (off 29.1 overs: Satish 40, Mark R. 38*, George 36, Adrian 28, Matthew 16, Christian 13, R. Howell 6-1-23-2)

THCC Lawless Society: Steve (capt.), Adrian, Cam, Christian, George, Jürgen, Mark R. (trading as Hermann), Matthew, Moritz, Rick (+), Satish
Swansea Law Society: A. Murphy, A. Thomas, D. Owen, J. Clayton, J. Murphy, N. O’Neill, N. Packer (not related!), R. Howells, T. Clayton, T. Rees, reinforced by Mark B. Umpire: Kev

Hamburg 7.9.2014

Read THCC Cricket Correspondent Max Minor’s report.

The Swansea Law Society Cricket team, having toured Prague in 2012 and Krakow in 2013, have decided to visit Hamburg in 2014. Here’s what they had to say about the tour afterwards:

The Swansea Law Society Cricket Club has had a thoroughly busy touring schedule for the past 4 years, having visited La Rochelle, Prague and Krakow so far. Clearly, we place as much (if not more) emphasis on the social aspect of touring than the actual cricket. We therefore settled on Hamburg for our 2014 jaunt and stumbled upon THCC Rot-Gelb as a possible source of opposition.

THCC were only too happy to help me with the uphill struggle of organising 12 excitable gents, aged between 21 and 63, for a 4 day stint in Hamburg with a side of cricket.

THCC hosted us in their excellent facilities, which are located in a beautiful suburb less than 20 minutes by taxi from the lively area of St Pauli. The club boasts full changing facilities and a very reasonably priced bar and restaurant area with outdoor terrace, which is a huge relief for a group of weary tourists more accustomed to playing in fairly remote locations!

We were greeted warmly by our hosts who showed us around the grounds and offered us a beer on arrival, before enjoying a fair drubbing at the hands of their seasoned batsmen. Despite the obvious gulf in talent between the teams, the match was played in the full spirit of the game with plenty of laughs, beers and an enormous barbeque afterwards where both teams ate, drank and, in our case, sang, long into the night. Rest assured however, for any teams looking to focus more on cricket than socialising, THCC can really strut their stuff, so come prepared.

I really can’t recommend THCC enough for anyone looking for opposition on tour or otherwise. Great cricket, great hospitality and great fun all round. You won’t be disappointed.

Andrew Murphy, Swansea Law Society Cricket Club – September 2014

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